AWT 18650 2900mah 30A

AWT 18650 2900mah 30A

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AWT IMR 18650 (2900mAh) 40A 3.7V Flat Top Battery is designed with lithium-ion and operates as specified when fully charged. Works with high capacity, the AWA IMR 18650 battery (2900mAh) 40A 3.7v is rechargeable and works with installed equipment for high drainage.

•Model: AWT IMR 18650
•Size: 18650
•Nominal Capacity: 2900mAh
•Nominal Voltage: 3.7V
•Continuous Discharge Current: 25A
•Maximum Short Peak Discharge Current: 30A
•Rechargeable: Yes
•Dimensions: 23mm x 67mm
•Positive: Flat