CITY VAPE 100ml 50/50

CITY VAPE 100ml 50/50

Steampunk IOW


Proudly made in the UK, these exceptional flavors are perfect for your Pod device or Starter kit.
3mg (2 nic shot) option available.

Blue Mint

Can you keep your cool? City Vape Blue Mint is a brand new combination of juicy blueberries, cooling menthol and a hint of mint to really bring out the delicate sweetness.

City berg

City Berg is a collection of berry flavors, cooling menthol and an infusion of tropical mango, City Berg is the best flavor of its kind to date.

City red

City Red is an improved and twisted version of a classic, a fantastic British flavor that we just had to create a variation of. Deep cherry, red currant and menthol, truly majestic.


A combination of several mint and cooling flavors, City Vape Spearmint brings the most perfect version of this flavor to the market and promises to satisfy your green mint tastes!

Tobacco 1960

Developed alongside our City LB flavor and geared towards a sweet aroma and bright leaf tobacco Tobacco 1960 brings the RY4 concept flavor up to the next level. A flavor reborn with the richness of brightleaf tobacco, caramel, light spice and of course the passion and perfectionism that has made City Vape a successful brand for over 2 years.